Naga of Sri Lanka
1000 (81)
Vital statistics
Species Naga of Sri Lanka
Habitat India
First appearance Kur:Part One
1000 (173) - Copy
1000 (124) - Copy
1000 (108) - Copy
1000 (84)

Naga of Sri Lanka is a cryptid that made its first appearance in Kur:Part One.


The Naga of Sri Lanka is one of the nagas in allegiance with Rani Nagi. This naga resembles a human snake hybrid, and is said to be living in India and surrounding islands.

It is a blue colored, three fingered snake human hybrid that wears golden armor on it's chest, and purple and gold arm bands.



"Yes, that is he! Rejoice that you can see the return of Kur!"
in Kur:Part Two.
"Your next command, my Master Kur"
in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu.

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