Zak Saturday:

  • Honey by Drew
  • Birthday Boy by Drew
  • Sweetie by Drew
  • Baby Boy by Drew
  • Young Love Mule by V. V. Argost
  • Show-Off by Ulraj
  • Supposed to be Normal by Wadi
  • Zak Saturday by Wadi
  • Jerk by self (when apoligizing)
  • Kur by lots of people including self
  • Profidacal Student by V. V. Argost
  • Nice Eye by Doc
  • Miniman by Doyle
  • Zakman by Doyle
  • Littleman by Doyle
  • Kurly by V.V. Argost
  • Frankenhair by Beeman
  • Spikeylocks by Beeman
  • Pandahair by Beeman
  • Porcuperm by Beeman
  • Salt and Pepper by Beeman
  • Hairgel by Beeman
  • Haircut by Beeman
  • Spikey by Beeman
  • Skunk by Beeman
  • Bedhair by Beeman


  • Fisk by Zak
  • Your Brother by Chef (Talking to Zak)
  • Monster by Chef
  • Monstredas by Dudes from another place
  • Gorilla by Doyle
  • Gorillacat by Zak and Doyle
  • Lovely-Locks by Abbey
  • Furball by Doyle
  • Fuzzy-Wuzzy by Beeman
  • Furryman by Doyle
  • Fuzzman by Zak


  • Show-Off by Zak
  • Fish Boy King by Zak
  • Fish Guy by Zak

Doc Saturday:

  • Professor by Doyle


  • Jurassic by Doyle
  • Moody One by Van Rook
  • Birdosaurus by Van Rook
  • Flying crocodile by Van Rook



  • Lovely Girl by V. V. Argost
  • Zak's Girlfriend by Fiskerton
  • Thief Girl by Zak
  • Supergirl by Doyle

Doyle Blackwell:

  • Dear Uncle Doyle by V. V. Argost (Talking to Zak)

Abbey Grey:

  • Braingirl by Doyle


  • Merlin by Beeman

Rani Nagi:

  • Serpentlady by Argost
  • Viperella by Beeman

Arthur Beeman:

  • Uncle Bee by Zak

V.V. Argost:

  • Chalkface by Van Rook


  • Spiderguy by Van Rook

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