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Orang pendek
10000 (74)
Vital statistics
Species Orang pendek
Habitat Sumatra
First appearance The Return of Tsul 'Kalu

Orang pendek is a small gray bipedal primate cryptid from Sumatra. It made its first and only appearance in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu.


The Orang pendek may be friends with the Xing-Xing because it was always near it and tried to run after it when Argost took the Xing-Xing.




10000 (77)

Orang Pendek watches Argost capturing the Xing-Xing.

10000 (78)

The Orang Pendek notices Argost is about to capture the Xing-Xing.

10000 (80)

Argost grabs the Xing-Xing.

10000 (76)

Xing-Xing and Orang Pendek walking before Argost appears.

10000 (44)

Xing-Xing, Orang Pendek, and Canvey Island Monster as prisoners.

10000 (64)

They are free.

10000 (65)

And they're escaping the smoke, but there appears to be no fire.

10000 (72)

Doyle tells Grosshome to release the cryptids.

10000 (73)

Orang Pendek appears to be looking at Zon.

10000 (74)

Orang Pendek and Xing-Xing leave.

10000 (75)

Doyle tells Van Rook and Zon to get Grosshome out of here.

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