Orang pendek
10000 (74)
Vital statistics
Species Orang pendek
Habitat Sumatra
First appearance The Return of Tsul 'Kalu

Orang pendek is a small gray bipedal primate cryptid from Sumatra. It made its first and only appearance in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu.


The Orang pendek may be friends with the Xing-Xing because it was always near it and tried to run after it when Argost took the Xing-Xing.



10000 (77)

Orang Pendek watches Argost capturing the Xing-Xing.

10000 (78)

The Orang Pendek notices Argost is about to capture the Xing-Xing.

10000 (76)

Xing-Xing and Orang Pendek walking before Argost appears.

10000 (44)

Xing-Xing, Orang Pendek, and Canvey Island Monster as prisoners.

10000 (73)

Orang Pendek appears to be looking at Zon.

10000 (74)

Orang Pendek and Xing-Xing leave.

10000 (75)

Doyle tells Van Rook and Zon to get Grosshome out of here.

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