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Vital statistics
Species Owlman
Habitat Cornwall, England
Type Large Owl
First appearance The Owlman Feeds at Midnight
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The Owlman made its first appearance in The Owlman Feeds at Midnight.


It appears as a jet-black, feathered, 9-foot-tall bipedal man with the head of an owl that has razor-sharp claws on its wings. It also has large, circular, glowing red eyes within a grey face. It tried to eat Zak Saturday because it could tell that Zak is different from other humans. The creature also seemed to have a hypnotic ability on the weak-minded.

Physical Appearance

The first time the Owlman is seen was during the night. Its skin has a extreme sensitivity to light. Its face is always contorted in a frightening, near insane sneer. The beast is said to circle out only one specific church. While circling in the air, it emits a high-pitched screech.The Owlman's appearance is viewed as frightening to many people, especially when walking alone on a dark night.



The Owlman seems to be repelled by light, as it is a nocturnal creature. The Saturdays used this weakness to try and capture it. However, when it disarmed Doyle of his light source, he used his jetpack's thrusters instead, which burned the creature to nothing. (one of the many reasons that Doc fired him later in the show- ironically, they soon after find a clue to Kur when Doyle flies out of the airship and they see the giant rock formation). It is unknown if there are any other Owlmen still alive.


Cryptid: Owl-man?

Location: Cornwall, England

"I saw it circling a church like a great black crow. It was the size of a man, but covered with dark feathers. I'll never forget those piercing red eyes."

Connections to Kur

The Owlman's territory, when looked at from above, shows a map of Kur's tomb.