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Peluda is small Mammalian cryptids from Europe. Seen in episode Once More the Nightmare Factory in Wierdworld. The Peluda (sometimes called the "Shaggy Beast" or La Velue which is French for "Hairy One") is a supposed dragon that terrorized a La Ferté-Bernard, France, in medieval times. Despite the French origins, its more recognized name is Occitan —or any latine origin— for "hairy". Depending on the account, it had either a porcupine-like body or a mess of hair-like projections hanging from its body that were actually stinger-tipped tentacles which could erect into quills. Its name is derived from this shaggy appearance. Consistently, it was said to have possessed poisonous stingers that it could shoot off its body, a snake's neck, head, and tail, large, tortoise-like feet, and a green color.

The lore proposed that the beast was denied access to Noah's Ark, yet survived the biblical flood by seeking refuge in a cave near the Huisne River. After many years, it returned to rampage across the countryside, wilting crops with its breath and devouring both livestock and humans. It was finally defeated after it killed a man's fiancée. He tracked it down and cut off its tail. This was the only vulnerable point on the beast, and it died immediately.

The Peluda was said to be capable of the following feats, which vary between tales:

Seen in The Nightmare Factory the creature appeares harmless and just ramdomly bounces around the Mansion like an over sized sheep dog. That is unless you make it mad! When Komodo tried to attack it made a prickly situation.

Points of intrestEdit

  • Searing breath that could wither crops.
  • Firing off its quills like arrows.
  • Invulnerability except for its tail.
  • Creating floods by stepping into rivers.
  • A single strike from its tail was lethal to a full grown man.
  • Breathing out fire as a typical dragon.
  • Spitting out a powerful stream of water or acid.

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