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Revolving Beast
Revolvingbeast Form1
Vital statistics
Species Revolving Beast
First appearance And Your Enemies Closer

The Revolving Beast is a monster from Celtic/Old Irish/Christian mythology. It made its first and only appearance in And Your Enemies Closer.


It can change forms to help it in certain activities or to adapt to certain environments. The one
Revolvingbeast Transform

The beast in the middle of shifting

shown is grayish-blue in color and appears to be mammalian or reptilian in nature, but can adopt features from other animal groups like insects and fish when necessary.

Described in the "Voyage of Mael Duin", this is one of the tales from Mael's voyage across the little known Atlantic Ocean. As he sailed by an unfamiliar island, a creature struck his fancy. It had loose skin and had a peculiar habit of changing its physical appearance by shifting its skeletal and muscular structure around, ergo "Revolving" beast. The creature's physical appearance looked like a cross between several species, each form carrying a certain trait from one of the species it resembled. It would let out cries of pain as it did so and had horrible tantrums. In one fit of rage, it threw rocks at Mael's ship, one of the rocks striking the boat's keel, so him and the men fled before it sank to the ocean floor.

The moral behind the story is that men and women put on masks during times of grief and suffering to make it appear as though all is well, but on the inside, their withering branches, barely holding on to life during those dark hours.


Abilities and Forms

According to V.V. Argost, "the Revolving Beast favors certain forms for certain activities"

Revolvingbeast Form1

The First Form

The First Form was a four-armed Biped with horns. Being very strong, it wiped the floor with five Secret Scientists, one of which was a Hibagon. This form was listed in the Cryptipedia.

Revolvingbeast Form2

Second Bull Form

It's Second Form was a bull-like beast with two small arms. Like it's First form, it was strong, built specifically for strength. It was able to break through solid metal wall and not show a single scratch.

Revolvingbeast Form3

the Third Insect form

The Third Form was an Insect-like Body, capable of crawling up walls and also as strong as it's previous forms.

Revolvingbeast Form4

the Final Form of the Beast

The Fourth form shown was a fish-like creature. It's unknown if it retains the strength of it's previous forms but it also seems to calm down when submerged in water.


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