Kumari medallion

The Royal Medallion

The Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam was originally given to a Kumari king by a Sumerian during Kumari's trading age. It is an heirloom that has been passed down from king to king over the centuries. It can be commanded to summon "The Breath of Kur" to do the holder's bidding. The medallion was stolen by V.V. Argost, giving him yet another piece in the puzzle of locating Kur. Although King Ulraj hopes the Saturdays will retrieve it from Argost, he would prefer they keep it safe claiming it has too much power to be kept by one person so young and inexperienced 

Connections to Kur

The medallion is a key item to finding Kur. The writing on the face translates to "Before the Breath of Kur the sentinels will fall," referring to how it is used to summon a spirit to defeat the stone sentinels guarding Kur's tomb that would otherwise attack all intruders.

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