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Saturdays HQ

Saturdays HQ

The Saturday's HQ lies somewhere along the Pacific Coast. It sits atop an ocean-side cliff surrounded on three sides by water. In addition to sophisticated intruder detection systems, an electric fence also rings the compound.

As large as it appears on the surface, the complex appears to extend for miles underground. The lower levels are accessed by an elevator. There are berthing areas for the Saturday Sub and Airship.

When the House's System is going on a reboot in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, it leaves Zak quite a pickle.

It is barely seen throughout the series, since the Saturdays spend most of their time traveling the world in search of Cryptids.

Areas Seen

  • Kitchen which is seen in: Episode 5
  • Living Room which is seen in: Episode 5
  • Airship Landing Pad which is seen in: Episode 5
  • Submarine Pen which is seen in: Episode 5
  • Cryptid Plant Garden which is seen in: Episode 5
  • Experimental Weapons Vault which is seen in: Episode 5
  • Zak's bedroom which is seen in: Episode 20, and 23
  • Doc and Drew's bedroom which is seen in: 
  • Meditation Room which is seen in: Episode 20
  • Drew's Library (mentioned only) in: Episode 32
  • The Videogame Room which is seen in: Episode 5, 25, and 32


  • The Saturdays HQ was destroyed in Shadows of Lemuria by the Fiskbots.
  • It was once intruded by Pietro "Piecemeal" Maltese in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner.
  • It reappears again in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu still in ruins from the incident six months past.
  • Doc explained that the reason why they still haven't rebuilt their home, is because it became too dangerous since the secret scientists are after Zak(a.k.a Kur), so Doc doesn't want to take any chances right now and have the house go throught that terrible experiance again.
  • As of now, it is unknown if The Saturday's home will be rebuilt again.
  • Fans assume that it will be rebuilt at the end of season 2, however, this is not yet prove true.
  • However, Drew in Life in the Underground she said about taking Zak's gifts home. This means that their home is probably been repaired already, or has at least begin or almost finshed reconstruction.
  • Parts of it is seen again in And Your Enemies Closer, and it's also mentioned again by Zak, that he and Fiskerton were doing some house cleaning, decribing their home.
  • As of War of the Cryptids it is safe to say that the Saturday HQ is all fixed and ready to go.