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a large bird wing that is possibly a Senmurv that is above the Giant Squid's tentacles and a yellow cryptid's arm

Senmurv is a mythical bird-like cryptid that appeared only once in Cartoon Network Action Pack #30: Way Past Bedtime.

The Senmurv lives in the rocky desert and nests in caves and inside of ruins. One of them has been seen in, where Abby Grey and Zak Saturday disturb a nesting side of one when exploring a temple of one of the ancestors of the general in Alexander the Great's army. Also some of the statues of the Senmurv has been seen around the temple. It is unknown if it is a bied or a mammal. It is a little similar to a Gryphon, and Simurgh. The Senmurv was said to have all knowledge. The only way to see a Senmurv, is if you have already seen it, which is impossible. In the Kur Stone part 1, there is a giant bird wing what appears to be a Senmurv in a cage in V.V. Argost's Weird World. It is similar to the Brentford Griffin.

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