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Vital statistics
Species Sirrush
First appearance Kur Rising

Sirrush is a cryptid depicted as large black balls with four legs with piercing red eyes. It made its first and only appearance in Kur Rising.


In the series they came out of Kur like a security guard for it's body. They attack Kur's enemies by rolling into them. Sirrush (also called Mushussu) is often depicted as a reptilian beast with a large frill protruding from its back. They can climb on Kur's back and by flapping their frills Kur can fly through the air.



The Sirrush are like drones that Kur controls either telepathically or with pheromones. Kur is like a living ant hill with the Sirrush being the ants, but Kur is also their queen (in a Kur is the queen ant kind of way, not the Rani Nagi kind of way).


  • Kur has several mouths so the Sirrush can get in and out.

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