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Skunk Ape
Cryptopidea entry (2)
Vital statistics
Species Skunk Ape
Habitat Southeastern United States
Type Gorilla
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part One (mentioned)

Skunk Ape are a group of supposed bigfoot-like animals said to inhabit the Southeastern United States. It was first mentioned in The Kur Stone:Part One.


There are several different types of skunk ape, but all share the foul smells and similar habitats.

This cryptid fully appeared in Cartoon Network Action Pack #36: Escape from Weird World.

Relative species Momo and the Mississippi Swamp Ape have both appeared in Ghost in the Machine.

Notable Subspecies

See site to read more.

  • Florida Skunk Ape- Orange-brown, lives in the Florida Everglades.
  • Myakka Skunk Ape- Black and White, was seen at under the title Wanted: Bigfoot's Stinky Cousin. (As seen below).



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