Cartoon Network Action Pack #32

Story Information

Source: Cartoon Network Action Pack #32
On sale: December 2008


Zak is practicing at home with the Claw when he accidentally knocks Doc's replica Kur Stone piece into a nearby pneumatic ejector tube. The stone is shot out into the surrounding forest. Zak, with Fiskerton and Komodo, heads out in the rain to search for it before his parents come home.

Zak finds the stone has landed in the a herd of a jackelope and is stuck in one of their antlers. He tries to use his power to control the jackelope but something spooks the herd and they run away, dropping the stone in a ravine. An acephalite lumbers out of the woods and chases Zak and his cryptid friends. Argost appears and picks up the stone but Zak quickly uses the Claw to snatch it back. Zak loses the stone and Komodo in a flash flood in the ravine.

As the flood dissipates, Zak finds a rock that looks similar to the Kur Stone piece and thinks his parents may not notice the difference. Argost returns with the acephalite and takes what he thinks is the Kur Stone replica away from Zak and leaves. Komodo returns with the real Kur Stone replica.


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