Cartoon Network Action Pack #26

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Source: Cartoon Network Action Pack #26
On sale: June 2008


The story begins with the Saturdays investigating a large underwater boneyard which they believe could prove the exisitence of Dakuwaqa, the Fijian shark god.

The family returns to the shore of a small Fijian village to take part in a ceremonial apology to Dakuwaqa, who the villagers believe placed the "Saturday curse" on them in 1867 after Elija Saturday was put to death by ritual cannibalism. During the ceremony, Fiskerton slaps a cow which knocks over a torch that ignites the tiki idol that represents the curse. The villagers are outraged and dangle Fiskerton over a water side cliff as a sacrifice to appease Dakuwaqa. Doc, waiting below on his submarine to catch Fiskerton, gets a reading on his cryptipedia indicating something large, fast and with a genetic resemblence to a Dunkleosteus is approaching.

The large cryptid lunges out of the water, snapping at Fiskerton only to break the vine holding him. Doc dons his power glove and jumps on its back to fight it off so Zak and Fiskerton can swim to safety. But Zak becomes very angry when the Dakuwaqa tries to eat his family, he says "Get away! Fisk is like family! And I won't let you eat my brother!" then when he says "I said get away!" his eyes becoming glowing, also the Dakuwaqa's and he makes the creature retreat. The vilagers rejoice that Dawuwaqa spared everyone and declare the curse lifted, and the Saturdays decided they will investigate his powers.


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  • This was the first story featuring the Secret Saturdays, coming months before the show's premiere.
  • This story is the first time Zak's cryptid powers are discovered.
  • During the opening of The Kur Stone:Part One, a photograph can be seen of the Saturdays and Dakuwaqa.
  • In The Kur Stone:Part Two, Zak mentions to Fiskerton that he owes him one after he lifted the curse on him in Fiji.