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"I didn't do anything. The Fang did."- Zak Monday

Zak Monday's exact version of the Claw. The Fang's staff is skinnier than the Claw and curved. It has six spikes instead of three claws. It also has a green crystal skull at the end, and instead of glowing orange it glows green. He once used it on Fiskerton Monday, Komodo Monday, and Zon Monday to control them and to attack Zak Saturday. He also used it to escape the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca. Zak Saturday used this version of the Claw
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The Fang

once but found it very hard to use since it does not run on the same powers Zak himself has.

The Fang's power (usually) drives cryptids insane rather than calming them like the Claw does.


Zak Saturday is confused by the resemblance of the Fang and the Claw

In And Your Enemies Closer after he was murdered by Argost, Argost now holds The Fang.

Since Zak's powers come from himself, Zak Mondays powers might come from The Fang. However, this is unlikely as when Argost murdered Zak Monday to steal his powers, he used the Flute of Gilgamesh to siphon the abilities. However, it may be that Zak M possesses the powers but the Fang controls them.

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