Drew give zak

Drew giving zak the hand of Tsul Kalu

The Hand of Tsul Kalu, is the Legendary hunter Tsul 'Kalu's pendant. Zak uses it as a weapon,at the end of a stick which he calls the Claw.


When Zak was young, he'd accidentally destroyed a sacred site, which protector
Hand of tsul kalu

hand of Tsul Kalu

was Tsul Kalu. Doc tells the hunter, no harm was done other than the site being destroyed, and leaves with Drew, Fisk, Komondo, and Zak. At night, while Zak is sleeping, Tsul Kalu comes to kill him, but is stopped by Doc who challenged him to a duel. There up on the roof top, they fight, and Tsul Kalu shocks Doc, which made him have the blind eye, the scar, and the white patch of hair. Doc is angered by this and defeats Tsul Kalu, taking his prized pendant the Hand of Tsul Kalu along.


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