The King of Kumari Kandam
The King of Kumari Kandam
General Information
Original broadcast November 7, 2008
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 6
Overall episode number 6
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by Scott Jeralds
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Previous episode Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner
Next episode Van Rook's Apprentice

The King of Kumari Kandam was the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Saturdays. It is the sixth episode overall. It premiered on November 7, 2008.


The episode starts off with Drew and Doc training with each other in the airship. They are positive that Zak is in bed, while he actually stays up to watch Wierd World with Komodo, Fiskerton, and Zon. They learn about the sunken city of Kumari Kandam from Weird World. The next morning, the Saturdays track down a Cryptid called the Popobawa, however Komodo steals the eggs from the Popobawa's nest, and she swoops in to grab her eggs back from Komodo. Fiskerton gets a hold of the eggs, and tosses them to Zak. Zak, who is tired from staying up two hours past bedtime to watch Wierd Word, doesn't keep a good hold of the eggs, and the Popobawa flies away with her eggs. After the Saturdays track down the Popobawa, Zak asks if he can use a Cortex Disruptor for a weapon like his parents do. They say no, and also reveal that they knew he was watching Weird World. They then receive a distress call from another Secret Scientist that the lost city of Kumari Kandam has resurfaced. Once they get there, they discover that V.V. Argost has become the new king of the city. Doc and Drew are captured by his soldiers, while Zak and his cryptids escape in the airship. They later return to save Doc and Drew when they meet the true king of the city and help him reclaim his throne. Despite saving the city, Drew is injured and Argost escapes with the Royal Medallion of Kumari Kandam, another clue to finding Kur.




Supporting Characters


Cryptid Items




  • Airship
  • Kumari Kandam Hammerhead Fighter


  • When Zak is fighting the serpent, the cortex disruptors disappear and the Claw reappears.
  • In the short screenshot after Zak hits his mom, you can see two Argosts.


  • Zak uses the Cortex Disruptor for the first time in the series, and it shows that he may need more time to learn how to use it.