Playable Character

Zak Saturday- 11 year old son of Doc and Drew Saturday.

Doc Saturday- Father of Zak Saturday.

Drew Saturday- Mother of Zak Saturday.

Fiskerton- Gorilla Cryptid brother of Zak.

Zon- Pterasoar of The Saturdays.

Komodo- Komodo Dragon of The Saturdays.

Doyle Blackwell - Long lost brother of Drew Saturday.

Villians and Bosses

V.V. Argost- Archenemy of The Saturdays. Also the final boss.

Munya - Man-Servent of Argost. Also the second and fourth boss.

Van Rook- Rival of The Saturdays. Also the first boss.

Piecemeal - An insane criminal chef. Also the third boss.

Baron Finster- Half robot scorpion man. Also the fith boss.




Green Lady




Burning Man

Orange Eyes

Mongolian Death Worm

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