Cartoon Network Action Pack #34

Story Information

Source: Cartoon Network Action Pack #34
On sale: February 11 2009
Cover by Jay Stephens · Written by John Rozum


The Saturdays are called in to investigate the construction site of a new housing development that has been severely damaged. As Doc discovers a fulgurite, a shard of glass formed by lightning striking sand, they notice a giant thunder cloud shooting lightning. The cloud swoops on the site and the Saturdays see wings and clawed feet sticking out of the cloud.

Professor Mizuki, still in the body of a Hibagon, meets up with the family. They all take off in the Airship to track the cryptid and use the Airship's database to find out it is a Raicho. The enraged Raicho attacks the Airship. The storm cloud it creates knocks out the power and Doc brings them in for a forced landing. As they are leaving the Airship, the Raicho swoops down and captures Mizuki. Zak quickly follows with Zon's help.

The Raicho returns to its nest and drops Mizuki in among debris from the construction site. Zak catches up and they notice there are several Raichos nesting in the area. Zak orders Zon to take Mizuki away while he confronts the Raicho with the Claw and his powers. Meanwhile, Doc is able to jump start the Airship using his Power Glove. Zak has the Raicho fly him back to the Airship. Doc explains the Raichos are using the forest to build their nests and will keep destroying anything built as long as the trees are being cleared from the area. Mizuki agrees to "persude" the developers they would be better off reforesting the area than to continue building on it.


Main Characters

Supporting Cast



  • Northern Japan



  • This is the first comic story to include Zon.

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