Van Rook's Apprentice
Van Rook's Apprentice
General Information
Original broadcast November 14, 2008
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 7
Overall episode number 7
Written by Amy Wolfram
Directed by Scott Jeralds
Episode Guide
Previous episode The King of Kumari Kandam
Next episode Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit

Van Rook's Apprentice was the seventh episode of Season 1 of The Secret Saturdays. It is the seventh episode overall. It premiered on November 14, 2008.


When the Saturdays look for the Alkali Lake Monster, they get into a fight with Van Rook and Doyle over its horn which is a key to finding Kur's tomb. While underwater, Drew]] fights Doyle for the horn, his helmet is knocked off and she realizes he might be her brother. Van Rook aids Doyle and they escape while the Saturdays return to HQ with the horn.

Drew does some research, unsure if Doyle is really her long lost brother, but states that seeing him was like looking at her dad's face again. She recounts the story of a trip her family took in the Himalayas when she was a little girl and how a freak storm separated them and she was found by Tibetan monks.

Doyle contacts her asking for her help. Doc is suspicious it may be a trap and wants to go with her but Drew refuses, stating if it is a trap there's no need for them all to go. However, Zak has other ideas and he and his cryptid friends stow away on the Airship.

At Drew and Doyle's meeting, V.V. Argost attacks them. Back at HQ, Doc is studying the horn when he's attacked by Munya and Van Rook. Doc calls Drew to warn her the meeting is a setup. They manage to fight off Argost, but Drew still thinks it was a trap. Later, Doyle arrives at the Saturday HQ with a piece of the Kur Stone he stole from Argost, stating he found some things out about Argost that didn't suit him and offers his assistance in fighting Argost for a reasonable hourly wage and a place to live in.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters


Kur Related Items


  • Alkali Lake, Nebraska
  • Himalayan Mountains (flashback)
  • Saturday HQ
  • Zorastrian Pit of Darkness (mentioned only)




  • When Doyle hacks into Van Rook's client list, Baron Finster can be seen.
  • While Drew is searching the Crime Data Base, several characters from the Ben 10 show can be seen briefly including Dr. Animo, Hex, and Enoch.
  • We learn that the airship has a utility closet, the perfect place for hiding when you really want to help.
  • When Zon caught the Alkali Lake Monster's horn, Van Rook's shout sounded like Argost's. This is because Van Rook and Argost are both voiced by Corey Burton.
  • It's revealed that the Tibetan monks who found Drew were the ones who gave her her fire sword.


  • When Drew and Doyle attack Argost and he hides in his cape and curls into a ball shaped like a turtle shell, this is a reference to the Super Mario games whenever you attack Koopa and he hides in his turtle shell.

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