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Wampus Cat


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   The Wampus Cat is a mountain lion-esque cat that has six legs. It uses the six legs to easily

climb mountains and quickly move across the ground. The wampus cat is the deadliest beast known to stalk the North American boundaries. This cryptid has the speed of a cheetah, the stealth of a lone wolf, and the verocity of badger. Many tell a story of escaping the grasp of the genetic mountain lion. The anger of the beast has even been recognized as a dead hunter. It has been told that a mounted wampus cat can regenerate from the dead to kill its owner. The creature's pelt is blood-stained with the colors of violet and rasberry. Lumberjacks around the continent tense up in a never-ending nightmare when they witness this creature. One can never measure how much fear this beast puts into the hearts of men.

The Wampus Cat is the fifth beast of the fifth sun.

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