CNAP 30 oct

Cartoon Network Action Pack #30

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Source: Cartoon Network Action Pack #30
On sale: October 2008


Zak, Fisk and Komodo try to sneak out of the house to escape their babysitter, Abbey Grey, but she catches them in the act. Zak asks if she's going to turn them in to his parents but she tells him they're off to Turkey for some adventure!

They arrive at the Tomb of Antiochus of Commagene, a descendant of five other kings that served under Alexander the Great. Although the tomb was excavated in 1863, Abby believes the king's ivory scepter remains hidden. She appears to only be interested in a reward for retrieving it. As she solves an ancient puzzle lock, they are set upon by a Senmurv. Zak manages to use his cryptid power to calm it down until Abbey and Fiskerton get the tomb door open.

Inside the tomb is a statue of the king holding his ivory scepter. Zak takes a step toward the statue and triggers a hidden trap which swings a great mallet across the passageway. Zak has an idea and sends Fiskerton to get the scepter by swinging across on the ceiling. As Fiskerton is about to grab the scepter, Van Rook enters by blowing a hole in the tomb's wall.

Fiskerton tosses the scepter to Zak and attacks Van Rook, causing him to trigger the mallet trap. It swings across the passage, hitting the scepter and knocking it behind the wall where the trap is hidden. As Van Rook is getting up, the mallet makes its backswing and knocks him down.

Zak encourages Abbey to leave, even though she still wants the scepter and Van Rook is no threat, by reminding her that his parents will be home soon.


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  • Abbey's Tank


  • This story does not include Zon so it could take place before the TV series.

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