the almost inpenebdrable palace of V.V. Argost. Wierd World is the house of Argost and was his base of opperations before his death.




It lives high in the Transylvania mountains. It uses its quills as defense against predators. The quills are filled with poison for an extra defense

Flashlight Frogs

Poisoned tounged frogs with glowing horns, they are kept for the Aqua Dungeon where Drew was sent, and was barely able to keep away while holding her breath.

Mississauga Blob

The Living Mississauga glob that attacked Komodo in Wierd World.

Jinshin Mushi

The Beetles that make earthquakes that reunited Zak with the other Saturdays.


The Weird World Repair team that produces a substance that weird world seems to be made of. They were the creature that appeared in Once more the Nightmare Factory the most. They repaired the walls that Drew blasted stopping It from following them, and seperated Doyle from the Saturdays and encased Zon in the Werid-World-Substance.


the ugliest create in weird world it lives in the deep trench of polluted water under weird world and seems to dispose of intruders, it is also the biggest of Argost's ``pets``.